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I don't know Paco's story for about the first 8 months of her life, but I can tell you from when we found her. My son and I were heading up to my sister-in-laws to get our hair cuts, and as we were getting to the end of our road Tyler says, 'mommy there's a dog running in that field'. Knowing the house there was abandoned for a while, I stopped and turned around. This little dog was running scared, tail between her legs up the road, so I followed her in the van pushing her away from the busy road. She trotted up the road and hesitated near the neighbors driveway, so I figured she belonged there. She turned and started up around the corner, I got out and called her in that cutesy puppy, puppy voice, but she just kept on running as she looked behind her. Back into the van I went, and started up the road again.

There were people working at the next farm property with big equipment and she came up short when she saw them. I stopped the van again, got out, knealt down and called her in that cutesy puppy, puppy voice again. This time she turned right around, ran toward the van, went underneath the van on the other side and I thought she would just keep on running the way we just came from, but to my surprise, she came out from under the van on my side, and sat right down beside me. I gently petted her and talked to her while I picked her up. I put her in the van and she jumped right up on the back seat next to Tyler's car seat, gave him a quick kiss and laid there until we took the short 3/4 mile trip home.

I took her into the house, gave her some soft blankets to lay on in a crate, gave her some food and water and headed back out the house for our hair cut appointments. Upon getting back, I called all the animal shelters and veterinary hospitals within a 50 mile radius, and placed ads in the local newspapers for anyone looking for a lost dog. I kept on telling Tyler not to get attached to her cause someone is probably looking for her, and I didn't want him to be hurt when they came to get her. Well no one called so we ended up keeping her and she is a very good dog.

Tyler named her Paco, and she is a very energetic dog that needs things to do all the time, she must be part Border Collie I think. Her favorite place to nap is on the back of the sofa when the sun shines in, but at night Paco sleeps on Tyler's bed every night since she's been with us. Although Tyler beats up on her (rough play), she adores him and goes crazy when he comes home from school. I don't think I could have found a better first dog for Tyler, and I really believe the doggy gods had something to do with this.

Tyler & Paco