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6/4/1992 ~ 6/14/1999

Orphie and her 2 sisters were born on June 4, 1995.  Their Boxer mother died giving birth so I bottle-fed them until they were old enough to eat on their own.  It was a rough time, up every 2-3 hours feeding and wiping butts, and I was fortunate enough to be able to take them to work with me so the feeding and wiping could continue.  I named them Lilly, Orphie and Annie (for Lil' Orphan Annie) and obviously kept Orphie. 

Orphie has been the best guard dog, her impressive size and bark have deterred many a PP&L, UPS and Gas guy away.  It was kind of funny in a way as Orphie really doesn't know she's a dog and wouldn't hurt a fly. 

Orphie has free roam of our property and never strays.  She is a very good baby-sitter and has helped raise and train more than a few litters of puppies here at Eclipse.  At 13 years of age she has slowed down a bit, and even though she's deaf as a door knob, she still has a very intimidating look to her.  I certainly don't look forward to the day my "guardian" goes to the bridge.  Stay healthy sweet girl